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Yeahflower The new dried flower series products exhibited at the 126th Canton Fair are loved by customers. Here we introduce the characteristics of dried flowers.

yeahflower dried flowers  CARTHAMUS TINCTORIUS

Dried flowers are romantic accents for any wedding or special event. Use them in your centerpieces or table runners. Press them into wedding invitations and cards for a dreamy touch. Hang them from the ceiling for a rustic feel, even in the middle of winter.

Eternal flowers also look wonderful in bouquets of fresh flowers for a bit of contrast. There’s really no end to what you can do with dried flowers and YEAHFLOWER has a wonderful selection at the lowest prices on the market, just for you.

Advantage / Dried Flowers

yeahflower dried flowers Detail image

1,It is made of real flowers in nature and has the characteristics of non-toxic and harmless. The preserved flowers are made of high-tech flowers, which have the dual characteristics of long-term storage of fake flowers and non-toxic and harmless flowers. Moreover, the flowers are the same as the dried flowers. The main feature is to keep the flowers and tissues and the color of the flowers themselves. There is no moisture inside the dried flowers, and the color is different from the flowers.
2, rich in color, you can make colors that are not in nature. The flowers are rich in color and there are many types nowadays. Now there are new varieties such as ball , hydrangea, calla lily, carnation, orchid, Leaf , and PENNISETUM ALOPECUROIDE .
3, long-term preservation, long-term can be kept fresh as ever. The flowers are long-lasting, and the flowers bloom for four seasons. Different technology preservation times are different. At present, Chinese technology can keep flowers for 3 to 8 years.
4, no need to water, no care, easy to care.
5, no pollen, will not be infected with hay fever.


yeahflower dried flowers Detail image
yeahflower Dried ball
yeahflower dried flowers Kwai AND cycas revoluta Leaf
yeahflower dried Kwai AND cycas revoluta Leaf
yeahflower dried flowers lavandula angustifolia
yeahflower dried lavandula angustifolia
yeahflower dried flowers PENNISETUM ALOPECUROIDE
yeahflower dried flowers
yeahflower dried flowers