Convenient multi-select product inquiry function-SUBMIT ORDER May 19, 2020 – Posted in: Product

In order to facilitate sellers to choose the artificial flowers and artificial tree products of interest on the yeahflower website, we have added the “Submit Order” function, which is similar to ‘‘ shopping cart ’’ and ‘’ wish list ’

  1. You can see the “Add to Submit Order” button on the product list and product details page, after clicking, it will be saved to Submit Order
  2. In the upper right corner of any page, you can see the SUBMIT ORDER connection. Click to see that the product of interest has been added. Then click the “Ask for an estimate” button in the lower right corner, the system will automatically send me an email, and we will send you the product details.
    Tip: “Ask for an estimate” function must be registered on the website first, fill in the correct email address, otherwise we can not reply!
  3. Also on the SUBMIT ORDER category management page, you can export all products of interest in this category to pdf format files. Then it’s the same when sending it to us by email!
     If you find any problems in use, you can tell us the first time, thank you for your support!