Factory selling Artificial Flower Products- Orchid Flowers Silk Arrangement May 23, 2019 – Posted in: Product

Come with white vase and faux soil. Lifelike Coloration & Texture Real touch 7 flowers, 3 fruits, 4 leaves ;Overall Height – Top to Bottom:57cm The same retail price on Amazon ranges from $19.9 to $30.94, while our FOB price is only $2.84 Only 120 orders are required(MOQ:120) Customizable,For more Artificial Orchid Flowers sizes, styles and colors, please consult! Product Description Brand Name: Yeah Flower Name:  Artificial Flower Orchid  Silk Place of Origin: Guangdong,…

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Maybe you should change to a supplier of artificial flowers and trees May 13, 2019 – Posted in: Company

If you often encounter situations where you can’t deliver on time If you often encounter serious quality problems If you don’t know which products to choose, or if you choose too few If you want a pleasant and professional trading process Then you can choose our yeahflower supplier artificial flower . Firstly,We have 20 years of experience in artificial flower and tree production and sales.Secondly,our big new showroom (covering 1200 square meters) at Dongguan City.…

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